iPage Uptime and Reliability

iPage is a web hosting supplier that has gained lots of recognition recently. What do they provide and what is not provided? Here is a full review of iPage.

Set Up

iPage offers 2 plans: Essential Hosting and Blog Hosting. The iPage Essential plan is obtainable for a low cost each month. The set up comes with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and a complimentary domain name for the initial year.

In addition, through iPage you’ll get the tools you need to create and style your website. With iPage as well as a complimentary domain name, you will also get a complimentary website builder and a variety of power plug-ins like CMS including forum software. You can additionally build your on-line store through the shopping carts that iPage provide.

iPage supports PHP, PERL, Python, MySQL, SSI and Front Page extensions. The omission of support for Ruby on Rails isn’t a huge problem unless your website is programmed using it. iPage has some cool advertising bonuses to help you advertise your website. With a brand new iPage account, you may get credits for Facebook and AdWords and for Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

It is highly recommended that you check the advance backup feature at checkout so as to simply backup and restore your websites files and databases.


iPage control panel is called VDeck. Through vDeck, you’ll manage your website files through a straightforward to use file manager, read your set up statistics, manage your hosting domains, produce your email addresses, set your auto responders and manage your account and accounting info.

In addition, iPage comes with a one-click scripts auto-setup that works with a variety of scripts in numerous classes. Whether or not you wish to put in a forum, Wiki, blog, CMS or a photograph gallery you may benefit from this very useful feature. iPage control panel might not be as powerful as cPanel however it’ll match any of your web hosting requirements.

Customer Service

iPage provides around the clock support. The support is available through telephone, e-mail and chat. The typical latent period on the phone calls is under 2 minutes.

The chat representatives are responsive and skilled also. You’ll always get a duplicate of the chat transcript by e-mail.

Reimbursement Promise

Another cool feature with iPage is that they provide a reimbursement guarantee. Plus, you’ll get all your money back if you requested it inside the initial 30 days from registering. Please remember that the money back guarantee doesn’t include the complimentary domain that iPage provides with their hosting plans.

This service will likely be really good for you if you are just looking for a basic web hosting service. If you are looking for something more specific, it would probably be a good idea to ask about the features before you sign up just to make sure that they have everything that you need. You will want to make sure you sign up for the plan that costs you the least amount of mony while providing the features that you need.