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iPage WordPress Hosting Review

iPage has been in the website hosting business since 1998. It’s referred to as one of the most effective web hosting firms that provides hosting services for businesses and organizations, for social and private needs, and guarantees to supply a decent flexibility to its users. Per the supplier, its 6 worldwide locations serve customers in one hundred and fifty countries and hosts over 1,000,000 websites.

iPage considers 3 things to be the most important services for its customers – websites, e-mail and security. They promise to provide enough options to make sensible websites and supply security to them and site visitors, and additionally to own well functioning and spamless e-mail.

iPage claims to be an eco-friendly web hosting company. To offset energy use fully, the supplier states that it acquires certificates for renewable energy and this way it has reduced its carbon footprint. Thus iPage will guarantee that its customers’ websites are one hundred percent energized by wind sources.

Whether you’re launching an internet site for business or personal functions, it’s necessary to keep it up a minimum of ninety nine percent of the time. This might sound like such a high proportion however any lower and you’d be experiencing downtime for hours. Being inaccessible for long periods will ruin your name and displace potential customers. The great news is that iPage guarantees an uptime of nearly 100 percent and  several other third-party teams have verified this number.

How will the company sustain this uptime rate?

Here are the reasons:

• 1st of all, iPage uses the quickest servers out there within the market. They maintain these servers with the most recent software system packages.

• Their data centers include many servers that can take over should one stop working. These factors serve to make sure that their users only experience the smallest of service interruptions.

Customer & Technical Support

iPage caters to beginner web developers and they acknowledge these clients may want assistance with everything. This is why the company has established plenty of avenues for these purchasers to reach their pool of extremely proficient support employees. Any client that wants an issue answered concerning his or her account, web development, or other matters can reach iPage on chat, e-mail, or telephone.

These support avenues are accessible at any hour, every day. Some existing users have declared that the reliable choice in reaching the support employees is via email or call instead of live chat. On top of that, iPage additionally offers tutorials and a FAQ section on their website where customers can read up on tips and steps in addressing any of their usual problems that may occur.

Trying iPage today is probably the best decision that you will make for your business. If you are still not sure review their website and get some advice from the customer support service who can answer your concerns.

iPage Uptime and Reliability

iPage is a web hosting supplier that has gained lots of recognition recently. What do they provide and what is not provided? Here is a full review of iPage.

Set Up

iPage offers 2 plans: Essential Hosting and Blog Hosting. The iPage Essential plan is obtainable for a low cost each month. The set up comes with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases and a complimentary domain name for the initial year.

In addition, through iPage you’ll get the tools you need to create and style your website. With iPage as well as a complimentary domain name, you will also get a complimentary website builder and a variety of power plug-ins like CMS including forum software. You can additionally build your on-line store through the shopping carts that iPage provide.

iPage supports PHP, PERL, Python, MySQL, SSI and Front Page extensions. The omission of support for Ruby on Rails isn’t a huge problem unless your website is programmed using it. iPage has some cool advertising bonuses to help you advertise your website. With a brand new iPage account, you may get credits for Facebook and AdWords and for Yahoo! Sponsored Search.

It is highly recommended that you check the advance backup feature at checkout so as to simply backup and restore your websites files and databases.


iPage control panel is called VDeck. Through vDeck, you’ll manage your website files through a straightforward to use file manager, read your set up statistics, manage your hosting domains, produce your email addresses, set your auto responders and manage your account and accounting info.

In addition, iPage comes with a one-click scripts auto-setup that works with a variety of scripts in numerous classes. Whether or not you wish to put in a forum, Wiki, blog, CMS or a photograph gallery you may benefit from this very useful feature. iPage control panel might not be as powerful as cPanel however it’ll match any of your web hosting requirements.

Customer Service

iPage provides around the clock support. The support is available through telephone, e-mail and chat. The typical latent period on the phone calls is under 2 minutes.

The chat representatives are responsive and skilled also. You’ll always get a duplicate of the chat transcript by e-mail.

Reimbursement Promise

Another cool feature with iPage is that they provide a reimbursement guarantee. Plus, you’ll get all your money back if you requested it inside the initial 30 days from registering. Please remember that the money back guarantee doesn’t include the complimentary domain that iPage provides with their hosting plans.

This service will likely be really good for you if you are just looking for a basic web hosting service. If you are looking for something more specific, it would probably be a good idea to ask about the features before you sign up just to make sure that they have everything that you need. You will want to make sure you sign up for the plan that costs you the least amount of mony while providing the features that you need.

iPage Hosting Plans Reviewed

iPage has been providing hosting services since 1998 making it one of the longest running web hosts within the industry. Since its origination, people and businesses have had access to any or all of the simplest tools to register just about all their websites and manage them effectively.

Everything regarding iPage hosting is unlimited and that’s a decent factor because you never know how much you’ll want. They supply infinite bandwidth and storage space and their infinite MySQL data bases for instance means that as your business expands you don’t have to search out a replacement database with more hosting space.

iPage additionally provides unlimited email and comes with a strong email interface that has basic and advanced features like sending email, forwarding documents, assigning automatic responses and filtering out spam. The most important part is it checks all emails for viruses before they even get to your inbox and so lessen the chances of infecting of your computer.

There aren’t any restrictions on the quantity of storage space you get from iPage and that’s because they would like you to own the resources you need to build a good on-line presence. And over ninety nine percent of their customers can have enough storage disc space to fulfill their business needs.

The iPage hosting solutions are strong and have everything you may want to get your business or personal website on-line. They supply style tools that enable the simple creation of powerful websites with just a couple of clicks by utilizing themes and templates. Programming or hypertext markup language skills aren’t needed when using these tools.

The iPage hosting packages provide you with a selection between 3 website builders that assist from building a basic website to more complicated websites with multiple pages. It supports various content management systems and has blog and image gallery setup wizards that offer you a lot of flexibility and power.


Bandwidth, also referred to as data transfer, refers to the amount of data that’s transferred to and from your server. Every time a file is accessed, the equivalent of the area is subtracted from your remaining bandwidth. Therefore if a 550MB file is uploaded or downloaded, then 550MB of data transfer are going to be subtracted from your monthly allowance.

Like storage capacity, bandwidth from iPage is unlimited and this can be more than adequate for the overwhelming majority of non-public and business users. In step with iPage, their bandwidth resources meet the requirements of nearly all of their customers and it’s only in exceptional cases that a lot of bandwidth is required.


iPage permits you to host an unlimited range of domains in your single account. This means you’ve got the ability to have all of your websites in one location and enables you to manage them from one server.  If you’ve got any existing domains registered elsewhere, you just have to move your nameservers to iPage or transfer them to your iPage account.

iPage vs.

iPage and are both firms that have been around for an extended time. There are happy customers of each of these firms, however how can you be sure which choice is best for you? Read below to discover more about the advantages of both companies.

About iPage

iPage has been hosting personal, business, social and non-profit websites for over ten years, since 1998. Nowadays iPage is amongst the foremost common hosting corporations, serving over one million websites. Their hosting set up is reasonable and extremely versatile, and may be used for various sorts of hosting needs. Besides the good service and wonderful value, a necessary requirement is the level of support. Their technical and client support is very high quality, and you can reach them around the clock via email, phone or live chat, and they’re more than capable of assisting you.

Instead of giving completely different hosting plans with different options, iPage focus is to make a vital hosting set up, which can be utilized by everybody. For a limited time, their shared set up is on the market for simply a few dollars per month and that comes with all the options that a small business website needs: unlimited space and bandwidth, and a permit to host unlimited domains on one account, etc.

About features a very easy and straightforward to use system. The layout is incredibly user friendly and therefore the templates are extremely simple to maneuver for beginners also. This tool additionally permits users to engage their audience with the incorporation of blogs, forums and an internet store. Like most website builders, it has the possibility for all users to start out with a free package. The free package includes website building tools, a mobile website with ads, a half GB bandwidth, internet storage and five items within the internet store.

Users of can look for help at its support community where everybody can discuss any problems they may face while using the site-building website.  The community is employed by users to exchange queries and feedback. Also, the FAQs on the support page include commonplace questions that users are more than likely to raise. Premium service users get access to client representatives around the clock through email and live chat.

You can start using free of charge and there’s no pressure to upgrade since they don’t impose a deadline for using them for free. With the free account, you may have restricted options, such as space for storing and bandwidth and you won’t be able to access their direct client support unless you choose to upgrade. If you are planning to upgrade to premium plans, they have a thirty day refund guarantee policy, which removes the money risks from you.

Which option is best? Essentially it depends on your wants and needs for internet hosting services. If you’re really curious then contact the services directly and work out what your needs are and how they can be met. They will be ready to answer any queries that you may have relating to hosting.

iPage Joomla Hosting Review

iPage features a system administration team that monitors their network and servers perpetually. Their team is accountable for daily backups, maintaining varied security measures as well as firewalls and virus protection to confirm that their Dell servers are running properly at all times.  All hosting plans additionally feature free malware and spam scanning, domain verification, and a security badge.

iPage is a low cost hosting service supplier who started in business in 1998. Being one of the top hosting service suppliers with such a long history within the business, iPage now is utilized by almost 1,000,000 domains that are principally personal sites.

Having been dedicated to the open source community for years, iPage claims 100 percent Joomla compatibility for all users. Considering Joomla is a PHP-based script essentially using MySQL on its backend, the firm utilizes many technologies to ensure an optimized hosting atmosphere to run the software system swimmingly.

iPage offers an automatic script installer called SimpleScripts for clients to put in Joomla in a straightforward and fast method. Since this tool is integrated with cPanel, customers only have to login to the cPanel, scroll right down to the icon that says SimpleScripts, choose the software system they need to put in and watch for it to be put in automatically. No technical information or skills are needed.

Like most alternative internet hosts, iPage claims to supply nearly 100 percent uptime, and in keeping with this review, the firm has done well maintaining this level. At present, the corporation operates 2 data centers with redundant power available that effectively prevents any service interruption caused by breakdown.

iPage features a system administration team that monitors their network and servers perpetually. Their team is liable for daily backups, maintaining varied security measures as well as firewalls and virus protection to confirm that their main servers are running properly at all times. iPage customers can expect their sites will be very secure and that they are protected. Security in the company is a top priority because they know how important your business is.

iPage operates a pooled server environment within which each server is clustered with another machine and has the flexibility to access website files upon request, which suggests that even if a server is down, customers’ websites are still accessible. This inevitably will increase the service dependability. Reliability is number one because if a customer’s site goes down, then that means the customer will lose out on traffic and business in the case of a business website.

Most people’s experience is extremely positive with iPage hosting. The majority of users have been using their service for years. The network period is incredibly sensible, just minor down-times, and therefore the server speed and connection is superb. iPage is extremely highly suggested for business websites. Beginners also can learn substantially with iPage internet hosting. They additionally provide VPS and Dedicated hosting that’s a giant bonus for most business customers.