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Last Updated: July 29, 2014
Deciding which web host to use as your service provider is not an easy decision, nor one that should be taken lightly. You've worked hard on ensuring that your website has clean code, is search engine optimized, has great content, and more. It's all for naught if someone tries to access your website and gets an error, the servers your host uses are unbearably slow, or your pages are not user-friendly.

It's easy to understand how important reliability and speed are in a web host. A reliable, speedy host is indispensable. You don't want to overspend or be lacking important features, either. You'll want an interface that you're comfortable with, the latest software on your site's server to support the latest scripts available, a help desk that's available through a medium that works for you, and to reiterate: a price that makes the offer unbeatable.

Beyond these main points, there may be other subsets of features or add-on packages that a host provider offers as extra incentive for joining their clientele base. These may include common features like a free premium domain or a site builder. The web hosting industry has a huge number of providers offering their services, and it's expanding constantly. Often these providers are startups or small companies launching a hosting division as an afterthought or new, additional service to their current service lineup.

However, there are some web host providers who are more well-known and established, and this comparison review focuses on three of them: iPage, GoDaddy, and BlueHost.

We reviewed several web hosting solutions according to these criteria:

  • Value - Is it a quality service at a reasonable price?
  • Reliability - Is the hosting service up at least 99% of the time and running quickly?
  • Ease of Use - Is it easy to set-up and maintain your website with the service?
iPage Review

Rating 10/10

Ease of Use

"The #1 web host for 2014..."

Our number one pick is iPage. For starters, iPage has been in business for over 10 years and serves over a million customers, definitely proving that this is no fly by night operation. iPage professes to focus on three things: your website, your email, and your security. They do an excellent job on all three.

For websites, they offer servers of a hosting architecture type that are reliable and fast. Data is backed up regularly and if the primary disk of data fails, there is a mirror copy on another disk to further protect your data. These servers are based in two data centers in the Boston, Massachusetts area, occupying over 2400 square feet of space. iPage is also green, or environment friendly, with both offices and servers powered 100% by wind energy.

The features offered for websites are quite extensive. Important core features include a website builder with templates and plenty of scripts with your control panel. Disk space, databases, domains, and data transfer allowance are all unlimited. No matter how much space your site needs or how much traffic you get, iPage won't penalize you - they can handle it. They also offer perhaps the industry's best support system: 24x7 toll free telephone support with the majority of calls answered in under a minute, chat, and e-mail support. They also have an online based ticket system and many custom tutorials available for you to browse.

iPage knows the importance of email. They offer a webmail interface, email forwarding, auto responder features, virus checking, and customizable spam filter options. They offer unlimited mailboxes, and are constantly performing throughput testing to ensure emails are sent and received rapidly. With email being the communication medium of choice for businesses today, iPage recognizes this and acts on that knowledge by emphasizing the importance of having a great email service offering.

Security, a priority iPage, is lock tight with this web host. They offer domain verification, daily malware detection scans and exploit protection, spam scanning, and much more.

All of this is offered by iPage with an anytime money back guarantee. However, with the great services they provide and their very reasonable pricing across all plans, you're likely not to request it. Altogether, iPage is our #1 pick.

Rating 9.3/10

Ease of Use

Highly Recommended

2. GoDaddy

Our number two pick is GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers reliable web hosting with fast servers. An interesting feature of GoDaddy is that they allow you to choose a Windows or Linux-based server. If you choose Linux, you get the popular cPanel platform, and if you choose Windows, you receive the popular Plesk platform.

GoDaddy's shared servers are load-balanced as well. By having balanced disk I/O limits and RAM & CPU usage, you're left with a server that is reliable and stable, thereby ensuring a great uptime. They also offer a plethora of applications and scripts that you can choose from for your websites and pages.

In addition, GoDaddy has a plan that includes unlimited domains, disk space usage, and bandwidth. Even their other, cheaper priced plans include quite a bit of disk space and database allowance, and all of their plans allow for unlimited data bandwidth/transfer. This is important, because you never know how popular your website may become, and you don't want to be penalized with extra cost, or potentially even worse: loss of access from potential site visitors.

GoDaddy has a great support system with 24x7 telephone support and an online support ticket system. They also offer an anytime money back guarantee. GoDaddy is not a bad choice for you to decide upon as a web hosting provider.

Rating 8.7/10

Ease of Use

Also Recommended

3. BlueHost

Although we have ranked Bluehost as our number 3 pick, they are still a great web host provider. Like the other reviews of web hosts, they have been in the hosting business for a long time, since 1996 to be exact, and offer an anytime guarantee on their services.

They offer 24x7 toll-free live support and live chat as primary support options. They also offer email ticket support and provide an online knowledge database to assist customers. For websites, they offer true resource protection with a well-balanced load on servers. They've got an uninterruptible power supply source for all their servers with their own diesel generators. This ensures that their servers are not going down as a result of a power outage. For further website protection, Bluehost offers complimentary site backups on a regular basis.

Bluehost also offers a large number of scripts available as a 1-click install choice and site builder software. Additionally, they provide spam assassin protection for incoming emails. With a great support system in place, reliable and fast servers, an anytime money back guarantee, and a long history of providing a great service, you won't go wrong by giving Bluehost a closer look.

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